Boosting the productivity
of your Team(s)

Growth is about a team working together!!!

Although an MVP it has all the features a team needs

Slack Integration

Create your webhook and enjoy all clappings directly on your dedicated slack channel. Members will be tagged for immediate uplift

Multiple Claps

Demonstrate your excitement by clapping and clapping in order to assign the level of gratitude the other member deserves

Leaderboards x2

You have two (2) real-time leaderboards. a) top Growth Hackers (Those clapped the most) and b) Top Clappers (Those clapping the most)

As simple as it gets

Just select the colleague and clap. Keep track of who clapped whom for which reason. Assign multiple claps to one or more reasons.

why clapping?

Motivating a team was never simpler

Every individual team member will relate to different methods of motivation, but here are the five  ways of keeping your team’s spirits high with growthclaps:

  • Make them feel appreciated.
  • Help them to work as a team.
  • Encourage career progression.
  • Create a positive working environment.
  • Give them a reward every week!
How it works

Raining claps was never simpler

Create your personal or company account. Invite your team members or friends. After accepting their invitations, you will be ready to start clapping each other. The clapping interval is weekly. Every week you get your report in real-time of how many claps have been collected and also, in a click of a button, you are able to:

  • Award the top clapper with points or a gift or just with a congratulations email
  • Identify (to motivate) the team member that has not received any claps.
  • Identify the team member that has not clapped his/her teammates (that may mean something)
Clapping is good for your health

The Theory about clapping and why it's beneficial for a team

Supports the weekly Retrospect

GrowthClaps is a Decision Supporting System and needs to be used as such. GrowthClaps is the compelling event to start a discussion during the weekly company meeting where Growth Masters Present their lowlights and highlights of the week

Fair Process

You’ve been helped. you clap. You can, of course, trick the system, but why a growth hacker would wish to trick a system that makes him/her better. That allows him/her to receive ideas from other members that until now were too busy with their own projects or products.

A way to reward

The Team Member of the month will be entitled every week for the award that is defined (Body Massage or anything else). Using GrowthClaps you already know the winner before entering the meeting.

EQ at it's best

EQ is about Emotional Intelligence. So, the GrowthClaps will highlight problematic areas inside your organization. i.e.Project Managers not having someone to clap, Engineers never been clapped, people clapped or clapping, again and again, were others don’t etc. Use GrowthClaps to start all relevant discussions address the problematic areas and leaving them behind.


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GrowthClaps is a Decision Supporting System and needs to be used as such. GrowthClaps is the compelling plarform where Team members can Present (and support) their lowlights and highlights of the week.


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